What’s New in Version 2.03.9 of Bread Kittens!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day (or anti Valentine’s Day) last week! We know you all have been waiting anxiously for updates. Well, you’ll all be happy to hear that our kittens behind the scenes have been working hard on releasing exciting new features. Here’s the release notes for version 2.03.9 of Bread Kittens, released Feb 19, 2013!

Rare Recolors are here!

Have you breaded a recolor yet?

  • THE COLOSSEUM IS HERE! Battle online in real time with friends or random opponents with Game Center! Rank up to earn sweet in-game bonuses!
  • NEW REGION Snowridge Valley is now out with more rare cats to collect there! Defeat or capture the Leopard boss if you can!
  • RARE RECOLOR KITTENS have appeared in Catlandia! Stronger than average, these elusive cats with shiny stars and different pattern coats have a small chance to randomly appear on each region!
  • NEW FREE OFFERS can be found in the store with many chances to earn free in-game resources!

Ready to get breadin’!?

Download or Update for for iOS meeeow!

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