What’s New in Version 2.02.2 of Bread Kittens!

Happy New Year Kitten Breaders! Here’s the release notes for version 2.02.2 of Bread Kittens, released Jan 10, 2013!

Our kittens behind the scenes have been working hard on releasing exciting new features:

  • EARN FREE MEOWBUX! Holiday shopping got your wallet feeling down? Never fear! Now available from the Store is an offer wall for players to earn Meowbux for FREE!
  • PREMIUM AD-FREE VERSION! Many of you have asked for a paid ad-free version of Bread Kittens. Your wish has been granted! Players who support us with a purchase of ANY Meowbux bundle made in the Store will now automatically join the premium kitten-breader club and *never* see ads again. Thanks to our fans for supporting us!
  • BUG FIXES! Stat increase bread should now correctly increase your kitten’s health both in and out of battle. Other miscellaneous bugs have also been fixed.

Happy breading, bakers!

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