New Bake450 Website!

After a long wait, our shiny new website is finally up and running! We hope you enjoy every nook and cranny of it. We would have gotten it up working sooner, but well… the team over here was a little preoccupied. As you can see here in our lovely office photo, things were quite hectic, and a few of us got distracted with other th–ooh, STRING!

Office Kittens

“I’ve found a bug! Oh false alarm, it was just the laser pointer again.”

Ahem, excuse me. Back to the topic at hand! We hope you will find our lovely new site easy to navigate. An area for our full Bread Kittens FAQ will be added shortly, as well as more cohesive support options. In the mean time, please do visit our Facebook page to ask questions, or give us a tweet @Bake450.

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    Bake450: Pikaboo! You can't Bread Me :) #kittens #breadkittens

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    Bake450: Apple has just approved the new update fix. Please keep an eye out for the update. Once again, we are terribly...

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